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Welcome to the FSE Art and Craft Studio

Peace, quiet and readiness

You should always take care to maintain your soul in peace, in quiet, and in readiness for whatever Our Lord might wish to do within it. There is no doubt that it is a greater virtue in the soul and a greater grace for it to be able to relish its Lord in a variety of duties and in a variety of places, rather than simply in one — Ignatius.

The art and craft of the FSE

In the FSE ministry there are three teachers. The first is the Spirit who will teach you how to give an exercise when you receive that exercise yourself. The second is your receiver when you give him or her the FSE. The third is in places like our School of How. Here the Art and Craft Studio teaches you the art and craft of giving the FSE and guiding spiritual conversation.

The Craft of Enhancement

The Craft of Approach

The Craft of Expectation

The Craft of Worlds

The Craft of Surviving Desolation

The Craft of Letting Go

The Art of Giving Inner Peace in Divine Love

The Craft of the Listening Book

The Craft of Guiding Spiritual Conversation

The Craft of Sacred Listening

The Craft of Spiritual Conversation

The Craft of First Discernment

The Art of Awareness

The Weave of a Loving Life

Please note.  For greater depth in giving the FSE and guiding Spiritual Conversation see the Manual  here.

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