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A community where Givers, Receivers, Mentors and Trainers of the First Spiritual Exercises can share their experience, desires and graces with each other. A place for everyone to discern where and how the Spirit is energising and guiding the ministry of the First Spiritual Exercises.

Members of the community will be able to receive various exercises for their own ministry or personal use, or to receive an entire retreat each month if desired. See the FSE Cloud Forecast for future plans.

A school for training to give the FSE. It opens it’s doors with a Art and Craft Studio for Givers. A Community School and a Discernment Observatory will be added later.

Everyone is invited


Anyone of good will may receive the First Spiritual Exercises.

No one is excluded because of culture, race, colour, gender identity and expression, martial status, past life, political belief, imprisonment, refugee status or spiritual tradition.

No one is unable because of age, education, mental or physical handicap, income, chronic illness, lack of religion or spirituality, disability, fragility or limitation.

Everyone is welcome and able.


How to be an active Giver and Receiver in the Cloud

Join the Cloud Community

Every time a FSE retreat is given a small vibrant, grace-filled, local community is born – often just for a moment. We want to bring all these small communities together in the FSE Cloud Community so we can all share in the energy and effects. Graces and relationships become accessible to all – no matter how isolated.

Receive a Retreat Online

Every month, rotating over four months, a four week First Spiritual Exercises retreat is made freely available. You may print the daily prayer exercises or follow them from your mobile device. You could make a retreat alone of with a group, or even give one to another person with them receiving the exercises online.

Explore the School of How

The Art and Craft Spirituality Studio is open and teaching the art and craft of giving exercises and guiding conversations. 

Join the Insider List

As a Cloud Community member you have full access to the exercises and retreats online. But if you join the FSE Insider List, you will receive early, preferential access to new resources, as they become available.

Try spiritual conversation

Givers of the FSE work in cities and country, in local ministries, in places of great need and in surprising situations. Experiences in the FSE  can be both gloriously different and rich in similarities around the world. Check out the spiritual conversation forum.  See The Golden Rules.

Make personal friends

When you join the Cloud Community you will have own home place. You can post people direct, search the whole community, invite and accept friends. But you first need to join here and then the community moderator will upgrade your membership and you will have your own personal space under the menu “My Place”.

About Us

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We are an initiative of the Australian Jesuits and a Christian not-for-profit organisation.

We are a team of lay people, religious and Jesuits creating a community of Givers and Receivers of the First Spiritual Exercises.

The First Spiritual Exercises (FSE) are a form of the Spiritual Exercises created by St Ignatius Loyola some 480 years ago.

They have helped large numbers of people to begin or deepen personal relationship with God, enriching their interior life, fleshing out their daily lives to be happier, more peaceful people, open to greater service of others.

For greater interest read:

The FSE Ministry Report 2014
The FSE Ministry Report 2015

This FSE Cloud Community site is administered by the Australian National Team of  the First Spiritual Exercises Program: Michael Hansen SJ, Frances Tilly, Chris Gardner, Julie Tranfa and Martin Scroop.

The FSE Community has two helpers, Gracelyn Vega and Jeanette Fitzmaurice, helping the community as a whole.

Contact the helpers: home@fsecloud.life

Spiritual Conversation online is moderated by trained spiritual conversation guides.

The FSE School of How is moderated by experienced givers and trainers of the FSE.

 Our community responsibilities are outlined here.

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